sábado, 1 de octubre de 2016

Fernando Gaspar

Separated Land#42, 2015, acrylic on wood 120x120cm

"my works of art are not always objects of easy empathy; nor should they be. they are never smooth planes, nor dermal exercises. often there is thickness that the paint and stroke silence. that is why I write about them; to better construct, understand and open them."


Sam Francis

Untitled, 1984, Acrylic on canvas, 41 x 26,7 cm, Estate stamp on reverse

This work is registered in the Sam Francis Foundation Archives and will be included in the forthcoming Catalogue Raisonn  of Unique Paintings and Works on Paper, edited by Debra Burchett-Lee and published by the University of California Press.


Margaret Shields

"Boxing Day" Oil, 46 x 56 cm


Pia Fries

corpus transludi E4   2014/2015, Oil and silkscreen on paper, 48 x 57.5 cm


Claudia Lucini

Polo norte,  3m x 2m, Canvas


Erin Ward

Rushing Clouds – 20 x 20″

"I paint in an energetic, semi-abstract way using a limited palette; often mixing the colours directly onto the canvas, using rags, palette knives and sometimes my fingers, building up the paint from transparent washes to thick impasto in focal areas."

Norman Ackroyd

Little Skellig Rock, 2015, 15.5 x 29cm 


Dalia Alvarez Kairelis

Ventana azul2012,  Acrílico y aluminio, 57 cm x 37 cm, 


Michaela Zimmer

160201, 130 x 185, lacquer, acrylic, spraypaint, PE film on canvas, 2016


Tim Ellis

United in Different Guises XXIII 2010. Acrylic, varnish on cotton. 74cm x 36cm .