miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2016

Gene Kogan, "Cubist Mirror"


Cubist Mirror: Artwork by Gene Kogan presents observers in the style of a Cubist composition, using the neural network Style Transfer method: A near-real-time style transfer mirror based on ‘Perceptual losses for real-time style transfer’ from Johnson et al, trained on an unidentified Cubist painting.


Massimo Sestini, Italy, 7 June, off the coast of Libya.

Caption: Shipwrecked people are rescued aboard a boat 20 miles north of Libya by a frigate of the Italian navy. After hundreds of men, women and children had drowned in 2013 off the coast of Sicily and Malta, the Italian government put its navy to work under a campaign called “Mare Nostrum” rescuing refugees at sea. Only in 2014, 170,081 people were rescued and taken to Italy.